[the poetry billboard] - 'July Notes' by Lai Chow Low
July Notes

Lai Chow Low

1: Sunset. Sunrise. What are you afraid of? Be my muse.
How many light years is four years? Millions.

2: Clap your hands and affirm your life, so goes.
When 'you' is an eupherism for fear.

3: You sound like a haunted mansion.
The sky on 3 7 4 was a little more beautiful.
Dying daily.

4: When Marx isn't a Marxist.
Heart of go.
Kid going 'Love me! Hold me!' -- simply freaky.

5: Headfuck.

8: Day has broken.

15: Jelly fetish.
How much do you weigh? An eternity
Passed me like a killer whale. An orca.

16: Can't recall. Only forged.

20: Not like you're dying to tell me. Not like I'm dying to know.

21: unagony.
A menu full of things to kill.

22: Limbs akimbo.
The new minimalism is excess.

23: Street vegetarian (snigger).

27: Blend with your walls and grave.
Mogwei. Mogwai.

28: No. 1 journalistic virtue: hullabaloo.
Beach with stormy skies.
"We all live in a yellow summary. Yellow summary. Yellow summary."

30: Simmer in thoughts like that before you go crazy.

31: Like a polar bear out of hibernation.
Clapclap. Claptrap.
What's that? Things falling down. That hit the ground.