[the poetry billboard] - 'Resurrection of Time Now Dead By A Poet Going Blind, 69' by Duane Locke
Resurrection of Time Now Dead By A Poet Going Blind, 69

Duane Locke

Today I felt as if I were alone without a cell phone
In a car stalled on a road that bordered on west Canada.

There was snow on the road, snow on the hood.
There was snow behind, one each side a white forest.

I scraped the snow off the road sign, the sign, blank,
Letters faded away long ago, never repainted.

I had headed for the same destination many times,
But this time I must have a mistake, made a wrong turn.

I had entered the unfamiliar whatever the unfamiliar was.
I felt through a mistake I had found what I was looking for.

A snow owl came out of the white forest, swooped
Over my head, left his shadow on my hands.

I held this darkness in my hands,
This darkness was loving and warm.