[the poetry billboard] - 'Spoon' by SL Lee

SL Lee

You glide through a bowl of soup
Disappearing sometimes in the murk
But always resurfaces again
Like a raft that’s always sinking
And rising:

Just as easily you glide to my mouth
Between the rows of lips
Opened just enough.

Through you
My emptiness is filled
With soup.

But also you show
The likeness of someone
Not me because it changes
With each passing year
While I remain the same
Except maybe wiser

You show me elongated
Up-side down

Like all mirrors
You lie and
Speak the truth—

Press you against my tired eyes
With eye-lids of pins
and needles
warm with my cup of coffee
heavy and stirring still
deeply in that three o’clock smell
-- you can also gouge
if I press you deeper
with hunger

You are the first tool
A mother passes to a baby
Harmlessly in cereal.