[the poetry billboard] - '12am – dressing up naked' by Joel Tee
12am – dressing up naked

Joel Tee

layer by layer,
I peel off this
crumbling armour.
Dirty work. Mea culpa,
exposing the sin of
desire. My hands
bleed red. Show of face.
Throw away this Judas to the Jesus
in his head. Under this lonely state
we’ll all fade. So layer
by layer I strip this soul
naked, where is that Scapel,
where are the bandages?
and a surgeon gotta have his
gloves. My stars shine ahead
like lost sages, So layer
by layer I reopen resilient
wounds that just
wouldn’t heal. Layer by
layer I dress up by unclothing
the deceiving.

(It’s a mess of red
and white on the floor.
That is my body.)
My soul runs free.