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Angeline Yap

Angeline Yap (b. 1959) has been contributing poetry to various publications since the 1970's including, most recently, the best-selling "More Than Half the Sky", the award-winning "Love Gathers All" (Ethos Books, Singapore & Anvil Publishing, Manila), the Atlanta Review, USA, the Quarterly Literary Review, Singapore, and the inaugural issue of Fulcrum (Cambridge, Massachussets, USA) which received Special Recognition for literary excellence from Public Radio's "The Poet and the Poem" in its Awards for Excellence in Print 2003.

Her poems have been translated into Tamil and Mandarin, and set to music for performance by choirs in Singapore and internationally, and she encourages young writers through the Creative Arts Programme (NUS, GEP) and the NAC's Mentor Access Project, as well as through school visits.



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