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Tiffany Tsao    Po-Po's Breakfast Cake Entreaty

Cyril Wong    Holiday Cruise
Ann Siang Hill
Part Of A Discussion

Darren Zhiming Tan    Dry Persimmons

Meijin Jaclyn Lim    Grandfather
Tracing Back

Alvin Pang    Other Things

Gilbert Koh    Warning To A Lover

Daniel Tan    Key Shook House
Moving Merlion

Shing Yi Ng    My Body, Separate
Fairy Tale

Teng Qian Xi    Ghazal of Winter

Hsien Min Toh    Straight

Edlyn Ang    What The Priestess Sees
A Grid of Stars
In Defence Of Eve

Alfred Siew    The Wish To Be Alone

Ashok Gupta    Don't Make Mistakes

Joel Tee    12am – dressing up naked

Elaine Pang    [ memory ]

Juliet Huang    The Evening Sky

Megan Ng    Enough
The House

Vernon Chan    Love Song for a Merlion

Audrey Seah    Remains
Harps and Cactus

Balli Jaswal    Jakarta Musk
Other Kinds of Seeds

Wena Poon    Io Non Capisco
Ports of Entry

SL Lee    Spoon

Bridget-Rose Lee    Fright

Duane Locke    Resurrection of Time Now Dead By A Poet Going Blind, 69

Angeline Yap    Yet Other Things

Jan Oscar Hansen    The Tavern

April Ma    The Way to 205 East Coast Road
Underaged Boy

Uma Asopa    Slow Death

See Siong Gan    Home Cures

Joanne Leow    Returning
Possibilities After A Happy Sunday
Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s Cafe Lumiere

Dr Jes    The Unsung Chorus

Bob Bradshaw    Chinese Laundry, San Francisco 1884

Eisen    The Politics of Chancing Upon Your Ex

Lai Chow Low    July Notes

Linda Benninghoff    This Silence
Horseshoe Crabs

Terence Heng    Near-Mornings

Eric Chaet    Beyond Consolation
I Should Not Be Where I Am

Ruth Schuler    At The Vortex's Edge

Jacqueline Chia    82 Duke Street
Billie Holiday

Pei Ling Ho    To Wurtzel, whose pain is human and strange

David Tneh    A dream of a Province

Inara Cedrins    Fresh Snow and Lace

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